Welcome to EVE Marketeer!


So I said I would rebuild the website very fast, about 6 months ago, but it turns out I lied. Sorry about that. I was kind of enthausiastic at the time, but it dropped off quickly.

I'll continue building this website on and off, but I can't guarantee any timeline.

One good thing is that I have a lot more experience now, so the website will likely be a lot better than the last time I built it. A bad thing is that I have a life now, so building is going to be a lot slower than last time.

Upload Using EVEMon

As you probably all already know, just upload data through EVEMon. It's an awesome program for EVE anyway, and we get all the data uploaded to the EMDR

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Join the EVE Marketeer channel (EMarketeer) to give feedback or just chat.

Send me an email

Please feel free to send me a message when you think of something that would be incredibly useful to have.